How I Lost 50 Pounds Working From Home is powerful book designed to inspire adults over 50 navigating challenges of remote work.

"Having known Phil for nearly two decades, I've been exposed to his insightful weight loss strategies tailored for adults over 50, and I can attest to their effectiveness."  ~John Maguire, Founder, Kinesiology Institute

  • Within the confines of the home office, Phil unravels the effectiveness of Intermittent Fasting/Eating clocks, Circadian Rhythms, Master Cleansed, and more!
  • Discover the power of standing desks and “mindful eating,” uncovering the secrets behind “when” and “how” best to chew and digest your food.
  • Take the journey towards a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life is both possible and profoundly transformative.

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