Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Creativity Hub?

A Creativity Hub is four 1-hour Zoom sessions which will meet every three weeks. It is designed to increase your aliveness & sense of purpose! Facilitated by Jennifer Blaine, comedian, and Phil Johncock, author, each Creativity Hub is it’s own unique 4-session experience that will never be repeated again. 

Enrolling in a Creativity Hub grants you access to these two amazing individuals who continue to entertain and educate thousands of people. A main difference is that you access them at significantly reduced rates compared to hourly consultations. You will also become a premiere, valued member of the Creativity Hub community around the world.

What’s the cost?

The regular cost for each Creativity Hub is $75 per hub. However, when you register for the Creativity Hub Spring 2021, you receive 33% off (only $50). Then, when you continue to enroll in future Creativity Hubs, you are grandfathered at this rate, as long as you continue.

When is the next Creativity Hub offered?

For the next scheduled Creativity Hub, visit…

How do I enroll?

You can enroll by visiting the URL below and clicking on the “Enroll in.. “ buttons…

What value do I get when I enroll in a Creativity Hub?


  • Free Audible version of The Power of Creativity audiobook by Phil and Jennifer, reserved for the first 50 enrollees
  • Free Kindle version of The Power of Creativity 
  • Four 1-hour Zoom sessions spread out three weeks apart (4 hours total)
  • Life-time access to the replay recordings of the four sessions
  • Tools to explore your creative essence
  • A community and will inspire and support you

How do the 1-hour Zoom sessions work?

A typical Creativity Hub Zoom session includes the following features:

  • Never before seen presentations by Jennifer and Phil allowing you inside information about their creative projects (i.e., books, musicals, plays, online courses, performances, etc.) 
  • Break out rooms for group projects and discussions
  • Step-by-step action guides
  • Practical tips

What if I am unable to attend a Creativity Hub session “live”?

No worries! Replay videos will be made available within 24-48 hours of each session, and you will have the ability to access them indefinitely. You won’t miss a thing!

What kind of project can I work on during a Creativity Hub?

Some of the types of projects that Jennifer and Phil could be working on during any given Creativity Hub might include (but are not limited to) creative collaborations, writing musicals, creating comedy shows, writing and publishing books, designing timely online courses, creating podcasts, shooting videos, manifesting dreams, etc.

Content for their projects that they may be sharing about may include (but are not limited to) such areas as solutions for homelessness, lifestyle design, social activism, community development, vibrance, fiction, etc.