THE MYSTERY OF SEBBIE'S $6,000,000 is the amazing fictional story of Sebbie's journey to discover why his best friend sent a check for $6 million!

"Real. An easy read."   What Reviewers Are Saying

  • Why would my best friend send a check for $6,000,000 to my financial advisor for deposit into my account? I hadn't communicated with him in forty-seven years. 
  • I had no idea of his whereabouts. My torturing attempts to forgive myself for abandoning him when he needed me most -- failed. Why me? How did he know where I was living? 
  • Where had he been for nearly five decades? In the blink of an eye, my logical mind broke into a thousand pieces. My sensible world evaporated. I felt as if I had been suddenly cast as a character in a Sherlock Holmes mystery.

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