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Simple, fast and effective flexible move




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About a Consult with Phil

Phil Johncock is a genius in designing sustainable, model programs. One of the saddest days of Phil's life was telling 3,000 students, 25 teachers and 11 tutors they no longer had classes. Federal grant funding was running out, and there was no solid, sustainability plan in place! From that point forward, 100% of programs Phil works with are fully sustainable or on a path to becoming sustainable.

For more information text us at: (702) 518-8756

Our Consulting Services

  • Capacity Building
  • Grant Team Building
  • Corporate Sponsor Kits
  • Sustainability Planning
  • Virtual Business Models
  • Online Courses
  • Infrastructure Building
  • Marketing
  • Grant Proposal Crafting

The Key Benefits of Working With Phil & His Team

40+ Years Experience

Fast Response Time

Grant Professional Certified

Text us at: (702) 518-8756

What Our Clients Say

“... Phil Johncock is the world's top grant writer.”

“My friend, Phil Johncock, is the world’s top grant writer. Phil gives expert advice on absolutely everything you need to know to write successful grants. He simplifies this complicated world of grant writing, and adds a flare of playful wisdom with a twist of magic … for anyone associated with nonprofits.”

Mark Victor Hansen

Best-Selling Author & Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® Series

“Unhoused are treated as if they were criminals...”

“... the Unhoused are treated as if they were criminals, as if they've done something wrong... Much of that can change now, thanks to what is a virtual blueprint offered to us by Phil Johncock... with solutions that are transferable to any town, large or small.”

Neale Donald Walsch

Best-Selling Author of Conversations with God

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